Unique Workflow

What makes Beamable different from other Backend as a Service providers? Our in-editor no-code approach!

Live games are hard

Building, launching, and scaling a live game (one where players play together) requires a wide range of engineering, devops, and liveops technology that most game teams are not resourced to create.

There are many distractions

Game makers want to work on their core game loop, art design, UI/UX, sound design, and narrative, but they are forced to work on technology problems like cross-platform ID, player chat, leaderboards, analytics, and server code.

Imagine a future...

...where you had everything you needed to run a successful live game but without any of the complicated middle-ware code? Imagine providing deep social experiences for your players that drive an efficient pipeline of merchandising for your game world!

The no/low-code live game services revolution

Beamable is doing everything different with a top-down, editor-first, no-code approach to social and commerce features that stands out from traditional headless game platform API providers.

PlayFab, Gamesparks, Nakama, etc.A better way to build live games in Unity
Flexible APIs to build out live game features
Included UI that follows industry best practices
“Just works” in minutes (drag-and-drop)
Skinnable UI using a no-code approach to match the visual style of your game
Write server code and C# and deploy through all environments
Scales Effortlessly
Simple revenue share pricing that emphasizes a partnership
Get started for free
Launching a game is highly competitive, and we’d rather invest our time and money in creating a great game rather than reinventing live game technology. We love Beamable because their platform is helping us get to market faster, save money, and operate on a proven foundation that is scalable and reliable.
Joe Bonar - President, Truly Social Games

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use all of Beamable from day one?

No. Getting started with Beamable is as easy as adding the package to your Unity game project. That immediately gets you a range of telemetry on your players that you can start using immediately. You can then add features at your own pace based on your game roadmap.

What if I'm already using Firebase or Photon?

You can still take major advantage of the social and commerce features of Beamable as well as the LiveOps web-based tooling to manage and schedule content.

What if I'm using another BaaS or PaaS Vendor?

Our team is happy to help you migrate in a responsible and incremental way so you can start taking immediate advantage of revenue generating features! Contact us to discuss options!

Can Beamable increase my game revenue?

Yes! Just by utilizing our Limited Time Event system with event specific currency and rewards, you could see a 2-3x jump in revenue. Contact us to learn more!

Beamable is the most efficient way to build, manage and scale a Unity-powered live game.

We are a no-code/low-code platform that enables game makers to easily add social, commerce and content management features to their games-- all with a joyful, drag-and-drop interface that evolves alongside your game.