Why Beamable?

What makes Beamable different from other Backend as a Service providers? Our in-editor low-code approach!

The future of gaming is "live games"

The most popular games today are fully connected, social, and continuously evolving game experiences.

As a game maker, these are the most challenging games to create. Not only do you have to be an expert at building the fun, but you also have to take on all the underlying server infrastructure and game architecture to power social, connected content-driven experiences.


Beamable is your operating system for live games

Beamable is fully Unity native using the game development workflow you already know using visual prefabs for Unity and the ability to keep all your client and server code in C#!

Also, Beamable allows you to manage all of your game content in flexible ways in-editor, through a web portal, or with a spreadsheet plug-in. But don't take our word for it, give it a try right now!

Learn how Beamable can help in three minutes

Our COO Trapper Markelz rapidly walks you through the capabilities of Beamable

The no/low-code live game services revolution

Beamable is doing everything different with a top-down, editor-first, no-code approach to social and commerce features that stands out from traditional headless game platform API providers.

PlayFab, Gamesparks, Nakama, etc.A better way to build live games in Unity
Flexible APIs to build out live game features
“Just works” in minutes with drag-and-drop Unity prefabs
Write server code and C# and deploy through all environments
Multiple content management options for LiveOps (In-editor, web portal, Google Sheets plugin)
Scales automatically and effortlessly with a fully managed server architecture.
Simple revenue share pricing that emphasizes a partnership
Get started for free

Launching a game is highly competitive, and we’d rather invest our time and money in creating a great game rather than reinventing live game technology. We love Beamable because their platform is helping us get to market faster, save money, and operate on a proven foundation that is scalable and reliable.

Joe Bonar - President, Truly Social Games

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use all of Beamable from day one?

No. Getting started with Beamable is as easy as adding the package to your Unity game project. That immediately gets you a range of telemetry on your players that you can start using immediately. You can then add features at your own pace based on your game roadmap.

What if I'm already using Firebase or Photon?

You can still take major advantage of the social and commerce features of Beamable as well as the LiveOps web-based tooling to manage and schedule content.

What if I'm using another BaaS or PaaS Vendor?

Our team is happy to help you migrate in a responsible and incremental way so you can start taking immediate advantage of revenue generating features! Contact us to discuss options!

Can Beamable increase my game revenue?

Yes! Just by utilizing our Limited Time Event system with event specific currency and rewards, you could see a 2-3x jump in revenue. Contact us to learn more!

Give Beamable a try!

Once you download the Unity SDK and give it a try, you'll see what we're talking about!

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