We offer free development with Beamable and then a revenue share or usage based option at launch


Download Beamable now, and discover if it is right for you and your game project.

  • Drag-and-drop low-code features
  • Full web-based game and player admin tools
  • Discord channel access
  • Comprehensive online documentation and API reference with sample projects
  • Only pay when you are ready to ship your game!
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Simple Rev Share

Everything you need to build and run a live game with Unity!

5%rev share
  • Rev share keeps us both aligned for the success of your game.
  • Fully-managed cloud hosting ready to scale.
  • Full web-based admin tools
  • Powerful Unity-integrated content management for liveops
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Usage-Based Option

We offer Beamable on the AWS Marketplace on a API usage basis.

  • Instantly add to your AWS account and billing
  • API-based pricing per 1M calls
  • Flexible pricing based on game specifics
  • Enhanced support included!
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Enhanced Options

We can help you get your game over the finish line faster with a range of enhanced support services.

Enhanced Support

Access to Beamable engineering support via private chat and scheduled working sessions.

  • You'll get a private chat room in Discord or Slack for your team
  • Unlimited email support
  • High priority response times
  • Working sessions
  • Cancel any time!
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Dedicated Infrastructure

Beamable can provision dedicated database and server infrastructure.

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  • Dedicated MongoDB resources
  • Dedicated C# Microservice hosting
  • Fully Managed on AWS
  • Price competitive due to scale
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Custom Integration

Our team can augment your team with custom work.

  • We will work to define project scopes to accelerate your game
  • This can include client, server, or DevOps assistance
  • Migration services off another backend
  • Weekly working session available at a discounted hourly rate
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Frequently asked questions about pricing and support

Available in the AWS Marketplace

Is your game studio running on AWS? Beamable is available as a SaaS offering in the AWS Marketplace to make it super easy to get up and running.


Special pricing for education

Are you running a game education program? Are you on a student game team?
We have special pricing to help you train the next generation of game makers.

Not ready to start?

Check out the demo if you haven't already, or ask us any questions you have!

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