Beamable's capabilities eliminate the barriers that exist to running a successful game business.

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Unity Editor Support

Powerful Prefabs

Drag & Drop entire features into your game, including UI and all backend hookups, according to best practices. Watch a demo!

Skinnable UI

Create your game's skin via a one-stop interface for configuring colors, fonts, sounds, and the overall look of our features. Watch a demo!

Content Management

Create, Deploy, and Update game content without releasing new clients to the app stores, directly in Unity. Watch a demo!

Powerful Admin Tools

Make development easier with cheat code and testing functionality from within your project. Watch a demo!

C# Microservices

Completely eliminate the need to build, run, and scale a game server. Author server-authoritative logic in C# inside the Unity editor. Learn more!


Login UI & Accounts

White-label identity with support for frictionless login (anonymous player) Watch a demo!

3rd Party Logins

In addition to an email/password, there is support for Facebook, Apple, and Google sign in.

Player Admin Portal

A centralized place to view and configure features, as well as to support players in the event of a customer request. Watch a demo!

Cloud Storage

A streamlined interface to write complex objects (JSON, binary, etc.), and back them up for the player. Useful for cross-device and player-generated content.


Friend Lists

Players can befriend each other, and view who is online.


Fully managed player groups/guilds with support for squads (sub-groups), player roles (officer, leader, etc.), and different entrance criteria (invitations only, by application, open, closed)


Track player positions in leaderboards that can be global (with players in the hundreds of millions) or segmented so players compete against smaller groups. Watch a demo!


Create limited-time events where players can participate to earn threshold and rank rewards. Seamlessly integrates with leaderboards, inventory, and can be rescheduled in the future


Players can compete on leaderboards with progression, subdivided into tiers, stages, and intervals.



Create and target offers with real-money transactions and virtual currency purchases. Including limited-time offers, max purchase limits, cool-downs, and many more rich configurations. Watch a demo!


In-App Purchases with server-side receipt validation, support for iOS, Google Play, Facebook Game Room & Web, Steam, Windows Store, Amazon, Samsung, & Huawei.


Fully managed player inventory, with support for items with arbitrary stats, and virtual currency. Seamlessly integrates with Commerce and other features. Watch a demo!


Engage players by offering them the ability to claim rewards on a calendar schedule. Seamlessly integrates with commerce so you can unlock new calendars such as a monthly card with daily rewards.



Players communicate in real-time, via public or private chats, including group chat.

In-Game Mail

Players can receive in-game mail with subject, body, and attachments such as items.

Push Notifications

Issue device push notifications to players to remind them of events or other occurrences.

News & Announcements

Send in-game announcements, which can be targeted/segmented, and include optional attachments such as items. Watch a demo!


Relay Server

Support turn-based gameplay with seamless integration with rewards, matchmaking, and leader boards without custom server code


Match players against each other, and deliver rewards based on the outcome using a server-less, consensus-driven approach

Deterministic Multiplayer

Support for deterministic multiplayer non-random game types.


Game Analytics

Automatic instrumentation of a number of events across existing features, including support for custom events and player statistics. Watch a demo!

A/B Trials

Define trials that segment players by population or player stats, allowing the delivery of custom experiences and A/B Testing. Seamlessly integrates with commerce and stats.

Game History

Query historical analytics data directly from the browser to view a timeline of player actions.

Player Stats & Segementation

Track a variety of player (and guild) stats with configurable visibility levels (i.e. visible to everyone, visible to the player, visible to the developer only, etc.)

Event Forwarding

Support for forwarding analytics data to your chosen provider (currently AWS S3, AWS Athena, Mixpanel, and Amplitude).

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