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Beamable simplifies everything from updating your game, selling items via special offers, to live events with leaderboards. Visual prefabs for Unity and the ability to keep all your server code in C# means life is simpler and you get to market faster.

Beamable is free to develop, only pay when you ship.

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Key Features

Drag & Drop Prefabs

Dozens of social and commerce features are available as prefabs inside of Unity. Drag them into your project and they are complete with UI and connected to a fully managed backend.

Move fast!
Unity SDK
UI good enough to ship!

Skin the UI with ease

All prefabs can be skinned to match your game from a central location.

No code required
Designer focused
Replicate your game UI

A web portal for full control

From the web portal you can manage everything about your game: Events, Leaderboards, Player Data, Stats, Commerce data, Inventory, and Analytics!

Access inside Unity
Full control
Empower your support team!
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What game makers are saying...

PuzzleNation is using Beamable for a variety of app improvements including identity and analytics. Development went much faster and more smoothly than if we had to build it from scratch. We're excited to be working with this tech and look forward to improving our apps even more!

Fred Galpern - Game Director, PuzzleNation

Ineffective monetization is the #1 reason games fail. That’s why we’re partnering with Beamable for the commerce and social tech.

Michael Hartman - CEO, Frogdice

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