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An open letter to the Beamable community and all game developers

Beamable CEO Jon Radoff shares his vision for the future of live games and how Beamable will help you build the business foundations for the coming metaverse.

About Beamable

Beamable provides a Software-as-a-Service platform for the business operations of Live Games. The platform is tightly integrated with the Unity 3D engine, enabling game developers to focus on the creativity and differentiation of their products. Beamable is based in the Boston area, and led by a team of game-industry and software-as-a-service veterans, and backed by investors including Companyon Ventures, GrandBanks Capital, and

Company Summary

Beamable enables game makers to rapidly build and operate live games in three key ways:

First, Beamable is fully Unity native. Through the Beamable Unity SDK, game makers have access to full content deployment and pre-built skinnable prefabs that make adding live features to a game as easy as drag and drop. Beamable is completely integrated with the workflow game makers already know as a Unity developer.

Second, Beamable is revolutionizing live game server programming through C# Microservices. You create a microservice in your Unity project, write it in C#, and all of your server code lives right next to your client code. There is no need to learn other languages or jump around in other programming environments or cloud code interfaces. It's all there. Client and server, all in Unity. The entire game in one place. In one language.

Third, Beamable allows you to manage all game content in multiple convenient ways. For Unity developers, content can be created directly inside the Unity editor. Content can also be managed via a web-based admin portal. With the portal you can conduct player support, make game edits, and other changes. Finally, for game designers, they can use a Google Sheets plug-in called the Beamable Game Content Designer to render your content in spreadsheets and immediately deploy it up through your game environments with ease.

Beamable makes it easier than ever to build the live game of your dreams. You design the world, you design the economy, you build the player experience using a workflow-centric approach in Unity, and Beamable handles the rest.

Product Screen Shots

Unity SDK with Drag and Drop features

LiveOps Portal & Management

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