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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Beamable completely free for development?

Yes. Download Beamable now, and experience all the features and capabilities of Unity prefabs, content management flows, a web portal for game and player management, and much more, all for free while you explore and develop your game idea.

When do I start paying for Beamable?

As your game gets closer to launch, we will reach out and discuss a commercial arrangement based on our current pricing options. You can see our pricing here on the website.

What if I need support or have questions?

When you sign up to download your copy of Beamable, you will also get access to our community Discord Channel where you can ask questions. You can also view our online documentation and ask questions in the documentation QA section.

Is it easy to install Beamable?

Yes. After you sign up, you will receive instructions on how to import it as a Unity Package, or how to pull Beamable down via the Unity Package manager.