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"Beamable supports our ambition to provide regular content updates and live events for our players at a scale and frequency appropriate for a game based on a hit television show."

Jason Bailey - Co-Founder, East Side Games

"Development went much faster and more smoothly than if we had to build it from scratch. We're excited to be working with this tech and look forward to improving our apps even more!"

Fred Galpern - Game Director, PuzzleNation

"Beamable's easy-to-use integration in Unity is allowing a small team such as us, to focus on our product instead of a backend."

John Wisniewski - Co-Founder, Terrasect

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Beamable really free to develop?

Yes, you have access to all features of Beamable for your game development. Once you are ready to launch, you will only pay per API call if your game gets more than 500 monthly active users (MAU).

How much does it cost to launch with Beamable?

You can learn more about Beamable's pricing on our pricing page in the top nav. You will pay $0.000003 per API call. If you want to pay less than that, contact us to discuss other pricing options.

Is Beamable easy to setup?

Yes, after you fill out this form, you will receive a link to download the Beamable installer for Unity. You will also get a link to the "getting started" instructions.

What if I have questions about Beamable?

We provide a documentation website, a QA forum, and a Discord server for any questions about Beamable. There are also PRO Support options that include private engineering chat, working sessions, and weekly sync sessions when your game is live.

We look forward to building with you!

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