Game Dev Tip: Join Game Jams

Game Dev Tip: Join Game Jams

This Game Dev Tip comes from Keryann, a young developer at IronEqual, who at the time of writing was working on REPULSE: Galactic Rivals.

 “Game jams are not only a way to take a peek at game development, it’s a great tool to stimulate your mind and your skills.

A game jam process isn’t classic game development, but has all its force. Indeed, as it takes place during a really short and fixed period of time, you must prototype, think and decide quickly. Plus, you should aim at essential game mechanics and keep it simple.

Game Jam Game Dev Tips

Game jams are a great way to experiment with new game features, even to simply try and fail! You can refresh yourself, and take a break on a long project.

In some companies, game jams are an important step in a game’s development. It’s used to validate a game concept, to test the viability of a project, estimate the development time, or question the scope.”

You can find Game Jams happening near you with a quick Google search

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