Beamable Case Study - Gamestacy

We catch up with Danish Sinha at Gamestacy to learn how they are building Live Games in Unity 3D

Beamable had an opportunity to talk with Danish Sinha about how the team at Gamestacy is using Beamable to build live games faster.

How did you get into making games?

Ever since childhood, I have loved playing video games. I was so intrigued by the concept that I started building them! I still remember how I used to play Warcraft, Command & Conquer, and Age of Empires for hours without moving a muscle.

The journey of Gamestacy started with the creation of Turny Road back in 2016. For the past three years, we are an Indie studio that has brought three mid-core game titles to the mobile market – Turny Road, Nuclear Reaction and Instagame.

What drove your interest in making live games with social features?

Social is the center piece for us and we have built tons of social features in Influenzer. Influenzer is a social media simulation game which is about getting millions of followers, making friends, sharing your life with others and becoming a world class Influenzer!

What does the term “Games as a service” mean to you?

Games as a Service or GaaS is the business model in which video games can be monetized after they are released. GaaS has gained a lot of popularity in all corners of the gaming industry. In recent years, GaaS has developed at a rapid pace as many developers are working with the idea, gamers embracing it, and most importantly revenues are mounting from it.

Describe the game you are building on Beamable right now?

Influenzer is a social media role-playing game that gives you the power to become the most influential influencer in the world! You can now build a fabulous profile with millions of followers! A perfect game for girls and kids! We have mixed the best features of role-playing fashion, beauty, food, travel, styling games, and social media into one fun and crazy bundle called influenzer.

Which features have you implemented from Beamable?

Influenzer Game Features
Player Management - Identity, Login, Data Management, 3rd party IDGamestacy has customized these features according to their needs
Configuration & Cloud Data ServicesCloud save is enabled for the games
Events & Tournaments ManagementPlanning Co-Op and Competitive Turn Based Gameplay
Shopping - Payments, IAP SystemsMore than 10+ different IAPs which are integrated with Beamable
Inventory & Currency ManagementTwo currency integrated with Beamble
Social systems - Friends, Groups, Guilds, LeaderboardsCustom leaderboard, achievements, badges, groups, and follower-following features
Messaging - Announcements, Chat, CampaignsUsing a feed system, and a commenting system that uses Beamable
Offers - Limited Time Offers, segmented offersRunning time based offers with Beamable and GameTune to provide personalized experiences
Battlepass - Subscriptions/Reward tables/Daily rewardsProvide multiple subscription model from $0.99 to $99.99
C# Microservices - Hosted server logicLoves the fact all our developers can write backend code in C#

What is the best thing about Beamable?

The fact that Beamable REALLY wants us to succeed and their business model is structured around that. They have gone far and above to help us beyond core development to help us understand our audience better and get feedback from them to further improve the product and improve our current development pipeline.

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